Qt for Mobile x-platform Development

My Session at MobileTechCon went very well. The session was recorded and will later be available here. Because this session was hold in german I was asked for an english version. So I translated the slides and did an english webcast – now online:

Probably you know that my main work is developing mobile business apps for BlackBerry 10. This still is valid. But since the BlackBerry PRIV is available running Android 5.1.1 (soon 6.0) I was asked from customers to do x-platform apps running BlackBerry 10, Android and iOS (later also Windows10)

I’m not a fan of web or hybrid apps and like to develop native apps. On the other side I really don’t want to develop apps for all platforms in a native but different way with different programming languages, IDE’s …

My BlackBerry 10 development is done with Cascades UI Framework using QML to describe the UI and C++/Qt 4.8 for business logic, network and so on. I really like the easy way to design complex UI with QML.

Just last week Qt 5.6 was released and I did some tests. Qt 5.6 contains a technical preview of qt.labs.controls giving me all the UI controls I need for mobile apps UI and Navigation. Also there’s now a Google Material and Microsoft Universal Style making the controls look very nice. New controls removed all the heavy parts from previous Qt Quick Controls 1 and event handling now is done in C++. (Cascades always did this)

Starting with Qt 5.6 High DPI support is available for all platforms. All this new tech stuff and also a new Startup / Indie Dev Offer motivated me to start with Qt for mobile x-platform development. You don’t have to use the commercial-license – there are many ways also to use the Open Source Licenses even without making your own app Open Source. Qt exists since 20 years and is FREE and Open Source software.

Get a first overview from my Video. A new blog series will start here next days to go much deeper into the details and to give you recipes HowTo start with Qt.

Qt allows me to re-use code for x-platform development:


Next time speaking about Qt for Mobile:


2016-05-31 – cu in Stuttgart.



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