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about ekke

About ekke


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APP Development for YOU

International development of high quality mobile Applications for YOU.

My goal is always to develop high quality apps and to follow the BlackBerry 10 Flow and UI Guidelines, this is why most of my applications are already certified as ‘Built For BlackBerry’.

Some of my apps are only in-house apps – some are available at BlackBerry World – a short description follows. Looking for my apps in BlackBerry World simply search for ‘ekke’ and you should see the following apps:

Conference2Go JAX

Conference App for german developer conferences JAX and W-JAX. Please download and see how fast this app is running: no flicker, immediately switching content, peek back, …

Take a look at Sessions, Workshops, Tracks, Special Days, switch between Conference days.

Try to create your Schedule. (If you connected with a Calendar from ApplicationMenu Settings, then your scheduled Sessions are also added to your Calendar events.)

Take a look at a specific day or switch to see only your favorites, then take a look at ‘Overview’: a dynamic created page with Pinch&Zoom where you see selected Sessions in columns – per – room with vertical timeline.

FourSquare is integrated: easy CheckIn into the Conference from Venue Tab.

BlackBerry Maps are integrated: take a look at Location from Venue Tab.

BBM is integrated. Twitter is integrated: from Sessions or Speaker you can easy tweet about a Session or with a Speaker.

Remember / Evernote is integrated: from Session edit your notes about this session, add Audio, Images, Video and sync to your desktop via Evernote.

From Sessions -> Room or Venue -> Floorplan take a look at the rooms. ImageViewer is integrated to easy zoom-in or out.

Compose Mail to give Feedback. (From ApplicationMenu)

Search for Speakers: fast search while typing.

Q10 ? Keyboard shortcuts are supported: Session -> r to see the Room, Session -> o to get the Overview, SessionList -> f to switch between Favorites / all Sessions, Speaker List -> s to search ….

ekkes apps: Conference2Go JAX

Conference2Go JAX

Built for BlackBerry

Conference2Go JAX is
Built for BlackBerry

Conference2Go EclipseCon

Conference2Go EclipseCon is similar to Conference2Go JAX, but every conference is also special. Try it out if you want to test.

Conference2Go EclipseCon supports Eclipse conferences in North America and also Europe (France, Germany)

ekkes apps: Conference2Go EclipseCon

Conference2Go EclipseCon

Built for BlackBerry

Conference2Go EclipseCon is
Built for BlackBerry


OpenDataSpace is a native Cascades Client for OpenDataSpace Cloud. My ODS App uses Invocation Framework heavily to select or view files using ImageViewer, PDF, MediaPlayer, DocsToGo and more. I also integerated an Audio recorder so you can use ODS as a dictaphone and then upload to the cloud. You can also share Links via BBM or eMAil.

ekkes apps: OpenDataSpace


Built for BlackBerry

OpenDataSpace is
Built for BlackBerry

All About My B 101

AllAboutMyB is a very small app using Cascades WebView to give access to a blog of a BlackBerry Fan from Canada.

ekkes apps: AllAboutMyB-101


ekkes Tea Timer

ekkes TeaTimer – a small utility I’m using by myself: missed a good looking native TeaTimer, so I created my own. Also an example HowTo use Animations, Timer, Image-Transitions and more.

Layout specific to Portrait / Landscape and Q10.

Remember integrated to write a note if Tea becomes empty.

FourSquare integrated if you’re traveling and wanted to get places nearby where you’ll find Tea.

BBM integrated to let your collegues know that fresh Tea is ready.

Runs in the background while minimized and sends notifications to the Hub if Tea is ready.

ekkes-apps: TeaTimer

ekkes TeaTimer

Built for BlackBerry

ekkes Tea Timer is
Built for BlackBerry

SerCar 10

ServiceCar 10 will be available public in summer 2013 – currently beta testing.

ServiceCar 10 helps to manage your Service Cars: Dispatcher can see where the Cars are now, Drivers will receive their Orders on their devices, all orders of a day are visible on custom Map with different kinds of Pins.

Driver can select from Stock Parts, add Quantity and also stops labour time. If Order is ready, the Order will be pushed to the Office. SerCar 10 will have modules for Order-Entry, Sales, Management, Driver, Dispatcher.

more infos at

ekkes-apps: ServiceCars


International APP Development

With my background developing applications for small and medium sized companies from different domains since more then 30 years, I’m able to develop even complex apps in a short timeframe with high quality.

Try it out and ask me if you need a native BlackBerry 10 app.

(c) 2013 Creative Commons License 3.0 (BY-NC-SA) by ekkescorner