BlackBerry (Java)

2012-07-01: I’m now focused on development for BlackBerry 10 (BB10) – so there will be less updates on Java Development with BlackBerry

2011-01-23: updated for Eclipse 3.6 + PlugIn 1.3

In 2010 I started developing Mobile Business Applications (BlackBerry Java) as part of Enterprise Business Applications (based on OSGI, Equinox, Riena).

If you have knowledge of Eclipse and want to start developing Java Applications for BlackBerry or only try first steps in mobile development – here you’ll find some tips and tricks how to master BlackBerry Java development:

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5 responses

  1. Hey there,

    I’m currently developing a BlackBerry app and I’M looking for a decent socket logger. If I don’t find one, I’d have to write one myself, but I’d rather avoid that work. It seems you have written a quite decent one. Are you able to publish it by now? You last blog entry is a few months ago.


    • Hi Marius,
      …had some work to do for customers, which has always priority 😉
      but I’m just preparing my session at BlackBerry DevCON in SFO about logging (Session COM-26)
      logger will be published soon – its part of the session and then available public

  2. Hi Ekke
    I need some help on BB Maps. I am not able to find any help for that. I am using Custom Mapfield on click of an image on the title bar a image has to appear at the middle of the MapScreen which is draggable (ie) user can drag and drop the image wherever he need on the mapfield. On release of the draggable image it should show a pop up of latitude and longitude at that location..Any help is appreceable.

    Thanks and Regards

    • Hi Sivashankar,
      haven’t done this yet. why not moving the map – and then getting the coordinates of the center ?
      …have no time to test your requirement (next week BBDevCon Europe, the week after MDC Hamburg) …. and I have to prepare sessions / slides / demos…

      • Hi Ekke,
        Thank u for replying…I ll try to find out….All the best for ur work…Once u r free and if u have time just try and post something…

        Thanks and regards

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