Deploy Apps to BlackBerry AppWorld

If you’re planning to deploy your Apps through the BlackBerry AppWorld, then its a good timing to register NOW, because as of today (2010-11-20) :

BlackBerry App World limited time offer: registration and submission fees are waived.

Some steps are needed to be able to deploy Apps to BlackBerry AppWorld and to use all features:

  1. Register as a Vendor
  2. Confirm your Identity
  3. Wait for Registration approved by RIM
  4. Deploy your Application
  5. Payment SDK, Advertising SDK

It’s good to know in advance what kind of information is needed to be prepared for the Registration process 😉

1. Register as a Vendor


  • Admin eMail Address
  • Vendor eMail Address
  • Support eMail Address
  • Phone of Administrator and also of Vendor
  • PayPal Account

Go to the BlackBerry AppWorld Portal and hit the “Getting started” Button:

then follow the Registration Process.

Check that you reviewed the Agreement and select that you’re planning to use the payment services – even if you at the moment perhaps only want to provide free Apps – it’s good to be prepared 😉

as next you have to enter the data of the AppWorld Administrator at your company: eMail address and phone are needed:

Now the vendor itself has to be described.

Attention: if you are a Company exactly use the Name and Address where the Company is registered – if you’re an individual you have to use your own full legal name !

Two eMail addresses are required: one used by RIM to communicate with you and one used by the Customers of your Apps:

as last step you have to provide your PayPal Account – even if you only want to deploy free Apps and with waived fees:

You’re done and now you have to wait to get an eMail from RIM.

2. Confirm your Identity

The first eMail you got from RIM isn’t the confirmation of registration – you’ll receive an eMail with some formulars you have to fill out to confirm your identity.

If you are a company you need a confirmation of the registration of your company, if you’re an individual you have to fill out a “Notarized Statement Of Identification”

and visit your Notar to notarize:

then fax or mail this back to RIM and wait again.

3. Wait for Registration approved by RIM

Some business days later you should receive the confirmation of your registration 🙂

Now you can log into the Vendor Portal !

4. Deploy your Application

OK – all is ready-to-go – now you want to try it out and deploy your first App to BlackBerry AppWorld

But wait – you have to be prepared:

  • Application Icon 480 x 480 px
  • Up To 16 Screenshots
  • Description of your App
  • Which Category to use ?
  • Which Network, which Countries, which OS, which Languages ?


5. Payment SDK, Advertising SDK




BlackBerry AppWorld Distribution

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