HowTo start with Eclipse BlackBerry Java Development

2011-01-23: updated for Eclipse 3.6 + PlugIn 1.3

There’s no one-click button to start with Eclipse BlackBerry Development – you have to carefully watch your steps ūüėČ

I want to tell you from my experiences – these are experiences from a new world: mobile development. As you perhaps know my domain normaly was developing Enterprise Applications using OSGI, Equinox with Rich Desktop Clients using Eclipse RCP and Eclipse Riena. But the world is changing and Enterprise Apps have to be integrated with mobile Devices. How I want to reach this goal is part of some other Blogs.

So – how to start with BlackBerry Java Development ? Hey – its Java and there’s an Eclipse PlugIn: sounds great, but…. (at the moment) ¬†only on Windows you can use all features, but there’s a BETA for OSX, too.

Because I’m doing all my other Eclipse and Java stuff under OSX, I’ll describe both ways:

  • using a VM and running Windows on top of OSX. In my case I’m using Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac and will describe how to set it up – if you’re using VirtualBox or VMWare – it will be nearly the same.
  • using the native OSX Installation – describing the current limits

Here are some HowTo’s from my experiences – feel free to correct me and add comments, because I’m developing in this area only since april 2010.

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