testing and debugging OSX (PlugIn 1.3 Beta)

if working on OSX with Eclipse PlugIn 1.3 Beta there are no Simulators yet,

so you can run or debug only on a real device.

Running an application:

Select the Project(s) and run them

Debugging an application

If you followed the installation instructions, then you already have downloaded the debug packages. If not, please download from www.blackberry.com/developers/debugfiles.

Expand the downloaded packages.

Then connect the BlackBerry device using an USB cable. The Desktop Software will open – you can close it.

In Eclipse select the project and Debug As > BlackBerry device.

The you should be prompted for the debug files – please select the folder where you extracted them.

ATTENTION: this doesn’t work for me yet – I was never prompted – I’m always getting:

Hint: Before Running or Debugging you have to sign the projects, because only signed Application can run there.

you can also check the run / debug configurations:


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