HowTo configure Eclipse for BlackBerry Development

we have installed: Windows 7-64, Java 6 SDK 32-bit and installed Eclipse for BlackBerry Development.

unfortunately because currently only a full installer is available for BlackBerry Eclipse PlugIn you have to repeat these steps for each new maintenance release 😦

Now we have to configure Eclipse:


please quit Eclipse if running and open eclipse.ini:

set -Xms256m and -Xmx512m or more – I prefer a minimum of 768m – its also a good idea to set the MaxPermSize as above. (if using the FULL Installer the MaxPermSize should already be set.

Hint: to edit the eclipse.ini under OSX you have to open (option-click) and then select:

Then start Eclipse and you should get the new Greeting Page:

Now we want to set some Preferences:

its a good idea to always show the heap status.

if working cross-platform you should set Text file encoding to UTF-8.

Don’t know why but the Full Installer comes with old Eclipse UI – if you want the rounded Tabs back, you should uncheck “show traditional style tabs”

There are also some important BlackBerry Preferences:


The “Default Project Version” and “Default Vendor Name” will be used for new Projects.

Preferences | BlackBerry | Warnings….

should be checked to suppress the Warnings about missing Signature Keys. This will ease running your Apps in Simulator and debugging without every time signing the code. If you run or debug your Apps on a real device, the code must always be signed.

Now we have to check for the update sites:

if not there you should add the BlackBerry Update Site: go to ‘sites’ from Preferences and Add a new Software Site:

click on Add then enter the Location

to verify that there’s no typo and to make installing later faster it’s a good idea to test the site using Reload:

… perhaps also add Mylyn’s Update site:

These are the most important settings for BlackBerry Java Development.

Now lets add some software: go to Help – Install New Software and install Mylyn if not already there:

restart and then check if all needed SDK’s are installed:

check what you need, install and restart

ATTENTION this doesn’t work as today 2011-01-22 if using 1.3 Beta OSX: you can only use SDK 6 on OSX

the check if all BlackBerry SDK’s are installed:

if you already have installed another BlackBerry Eclipse with Signature Keys, then you can import these keys now.

if this is your first BlackBerry Eclipse you need new Signature keys.

don’t forget to install all your PlugIns you need like

  • EGit
  • MercurialEclipse
  • and more

unfortunately because only the full installer is available you have to do this each time again…

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