HowTo use BlackBerry Eclipse Full Installer (OSX)

now we want to install Eclipse for BlackBerry Development using the Full Installer.

Installation of Full BlackBerry PlugIn is really easy:

Hint: new Release 1.3 MR from 2011-03-04 is available from same link below

1. Got to the download site:

2. Download it:

we also need DebugFiles for all devices you want to use with OSX 1.3 PlugIn.

You’ll find them at the same Site:

after downloading the debug files for all your devices, we have to install the Desktop Manager for OSX !

You MUST install the desktop Manager first – otherwise the Installer of the Full PlugIn won’t work !

You can download the OSX Desktop Manager from:

you’ll download this:

3. Installing the Eclipse PlugIn on OSX:

Unfortunately RIM uses on old Installer requiring Rosetta 😦

So after double clicking the Installer – if Rosetta wasn’t installed at your machine – you get:

then start the Installer and follow the Instructions:

accept the license:

select your location:

Hint: it’s always a good idea to have short lacation pathes without spaces

please deselect the checkbox to start Eclipse – at first we’ll do changes at eclipse.ini:


That’s it: Eclipse with BlackBerry PlugIn was installed – no we will configure the installation.

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