HowTo install BlackBerry PlugIn from Updatesite (Windows)

ATTENTION: at the moment there’s no PlugIn through Update Site available 😦

see below…. hopefully RIM will change this soon because it causes much more work always to download the full installer and re-configure your Eclipse Installation

we have installed: Windows 7-64, Java 6 SDK 32-bit and now want to install Eclipse for BlackBerry Development using Eclipse Downloads and installing the BlackBerry Eclipse PlugIn separately.

Got to Eclipse Downloads at … and select  Eclipse Helios SR1 Packages (v 3.6.1)

Then we have to select “Eclipse IDE for Java Developers“:

please download the Windows 32-bit version even if you’r working on Windows 7 – 64 !

Doubleclick the Installer and install Eclipse at your preferred location. I always choose a short path near Root without spaces.

Open Eclipse and create a new Workspace at your preferred location.

Now we have to add the UpdateSite: please open Preferences | Install/Update | Available Software Sites

…and add a new Site:

Now we can go to Help | Install New Software… :

then select the RIM UpdateSite …

———- the following inly worked with the previous version 1.1 and Eclipse 3.5

———- currently only the full Installer is working for 1.3

…and you should get a selection of BlackBerry SDKs and the BlackBerry Java Plug-in to be installed.

Check what you need:

  • the BlackBerry Java Plug-in
  • 1 … n BlackBerry Java SDK

I only checked SDK because I started Development with 5.0 and have delayed 6.0 development until german providers will support it.

Then hit Next to Install the PlugIn.

…uuups… Login required ?

BlackBerry is a secure platform and you’ll always be remembered that Security has high priority.

If you ask where to get the Username and Password – you have to register as Blackberry Developer

please enter this Username and Password and check “Save password“. The you’ll be asked for Questions and Answers if you will lost passwords:

if all went well the Installation process will be processed as usual.

Then you should restart Eclipse:

Congratulations: Eclipse Plug-in for BlackBerry Java development is successfully installed.

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2 responses

  1. Tks for the explation, sadly it looks like BB have taken the java plugin off of the 3.5 site now also! – IAN

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