Install Java SDK for BB Development

doesn’t matter if we ‘re using a native Windows-7-64 bit or we have installed Windows 7 – 64 bit into a VM, the BlackBerry Eclipse Plugin 1.3 doesn’t support 64 bit, so we must be carefully installing Java SDKs.

I’ll describe how to install Java 6 SDK 32-bit and 64 bit and use the right one for BlackBerry development.

Go to download site at Oracle and select as Platform

Windows x64 to get the 64-bis SDK:

Windows to get the 32-bit SDK:

download and install as usual at default locations. Important: please install the JDK – not the JRE.

Now the most important step: we have to set some System environment variables:

JAVA_HOME = <the-location-where-you-installed-the-32-bit-jdk>
PATH = %JAVA_HOME%\bin;<your-existing-path>

Per default the 64-bit JDK was installed into “C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.x_xx” and the 32-bit JDK was installed into “C:\Program Files <x86>\Java\jdk1.6.x_xx“, so setting PATH and JAVA_HOME correct should print these settings:


java -version

must not print anything like Hotspot 64 – so this is ok:

Congratulations: Java 6 SDK 32 bit is successfully installed as default JDK on Windows 7 64.

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