Secure Development of BlackBerry Applications

BlackBerry Development always means secure development, so in many use cases you need to follow more steps then developing for other platforms. At the beginning this might be frustrating, but at the end you can tell your customers, that the development and deployment process is secure – same as BlackBerry platform itself. In reality: this is the reason why companies are using BlackBerry instead of Android or iPhone.

To be able to work with secure applications these applications must be signed – and you need a set of keys. Follow these instructions to make it run for you:

Attention: without signing most applications can’t be installed on devices and to sign them you need your keys AND you need Internet Access because the singing process has to access the RIM Signature Server. From time to time it could be happen that a server isn’t available – so don’t plan signing just before you’re going out to a customer.

A drawback of this signing process is also, that – if you’re working as an Architect providing traings –  in workshops you can do all using the Simulator, but on real Devices only if you have Internet Access and if on each of the training PCs is a different Signature Key installed.

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