HowTo sign a BlackBerry Java Application

If you mastered the ordering and installing of Signature Keys, then its easy to sign your code.

From your Project right-click on BlackBerry

now you have to enter your Password (not the PIN):

Because the HelloWorld Project has only one Class the signing is very fast and you get the message in your console if all was successfully singed

at the same time you should received some emails:

there were 3 Registration Requests reported – this was from our Installing of new keys.

and there are also 2 code signing requests reported from the one Class of our Hello World project.

In a real life project the signing process may take some time and you can watch the progress:

If you sign some projects one after the other you have to enter the password only one time.

Congratulations: Code Signing works !

…now its a good time to backup your Windows VM 😉

…and the start coding, debugging, deploying, signing, ….

Hint: If you install Applications on your Device always change the Version Nr – otherwise the Desktop Manager won’t recognize that there’s an update if the App already exists at the Device.

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