In 45 Minutes: from Scratch to App for Android, iOS, Windows 10

As you know last months I evaluated Qt 5.7 and new Qt Quick Controls 2 for x-platform mobile App development.

Qt Con Conference App

You can see a first App live at Google Play, Apple App Store or Amazon App Store: Search for ‘QtCon’:


The Application is available Open Source at Github.

Blog with some more details: here.

Next Conference App for Qt World Summit in San Francisco will also be available from Windows App Store (Windows 10) and BlackBerry World (BlackBerry 10)

Talk at Code Talks in Hamburg

I will demonstrate the power of Qt 5.7 / Qt Quick Controls at Code Talks in Hamburg:

in 45 Minutes from Scratch to App


BlackBerry 10

Perhaps you’re asking “And what about your BlackBerry 10 Development, ekke ?

Nothing has changed – I’m still developing business Apps for BlackBerry 10 – and the good thing: I can re-use most of the C++ / Qt Code for Android / iOS / W10 🙂 Also App Architecture and events (Qt SIGNALS – SLOTS concept) are similar.

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