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Want to know more about BlackBerry ? Curious to see Samsung KNOX presenting at a BlackBerry event ?

Get all the news about crossplatform BES12, BlackBerry Security and more at one of the worldwide BlackBerry Experience Days.

Meet me at BlackBerry Experience Day in Hannover this wednesday


As you probably know I’m developing mobile Business Apps – esp. native apps for BlackBerry 10.

Feel free to ask me about development, trainings and more.

Last weeks there were only less articles and blogs written by me – this isn’t because I’m lazy – I had to finish some cool BlackBerry 10 Apps for german enterprise customers. I like to develop complex Apps from-scratch.

Expect some new articles next time:

  • ekkes Cascades DSL (Domain Specific Language) based on Eclipse Xtext / Xtend to make it easy to design and implement complex business apps using QObject* for C++ and QML
  • Bluetooth Printer / Scanner connected via SPP to BlackBerry 10 with a little help of NFC
  • Tips HowTo connect to SAP Mobile Platform REST services from BlackBerry 10
  • Use of Cascades Containers to “draw” Line Charts in BI Apps
  • Easy workflows using NFC for Service Companies
  • HowTo develop and test business apps for Regulated Devices and inside Work Perimeter (BES12)
  • HowTo support BlackBerry Classic Trackpad
  • ….

stay tuned

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