Properties in OSGI Declarative Services and ServiceTracker

As proposed in my last blog “Dependencies and Services in OSGI Enterprise Applications” it seems that a new blog series was started 😉
ServiceTracker vs Declarative Services
There was only a short statement last time – now some tips follow how to use properties in ServiceTracker vs Declarative Services (DS).
A ServiceTracker from my OSGI Server project was opened with this Filter: 
final String filterPool = “(“
+ “=”
+ JDBCPoolComponent.class.getName()
So the ServiceTracker will get Services of Type JDBCPoolComponent – we are interested into the attribut JndiName:
private void processDataSources(JDBCPoolComponent service) {
  if (service.getJndiName().equals(“foo_entity_data_source_hsql”)) {
  // do something
How could this be done using Declarative Services (equinox.ds): 
We’re defining a reference to get exactly one specific service of type JDBCPoolComponent to know that a DataSource is ready. 
A first idea to declare this reference could be:

Launching the OSGI application, but the reference wasn’t resolved. 
How could we find the reason ? At first we should test if the Filter is correct and there’s no typo in the Interface.
Tip: Use of Equinox OSGI Console to test the Filter !
Try this command:
services (&(objectclass=org.ow2.easybeans.component.jdbcpool.JDBCPoolComponent)
But no Service was found: No registered Services.
As next we try only to look for Services of Interface JDBCPoolComponent. Now our command looks like: 
services (objectclass=org.ow2.easybeans.component.jdbcpool.JDBCPoolComponent)
Some Services were listet – we also see the one we’re looking for:
{org.ow2.easybeans.component.jdbcpool.JDBCPoolComponent}={classname=org.ow2.easybeans.component.jdbcpo……, xmlconfig=
  Registered by bundle: …/easybeans-component-jdbcpool_1.1.0-M3-SNAPSHOT.jar/
Analyzing the printed text we found: jndiName=”foo_entity_data_source_hsql”
But there’s a small difference: its the Property xmlconfig containing the informations. Thats the solution:
services (&(objectclass=org.ow2.easybeans.component.jdbcpool.JDBCPoolComponent)
The Service we want to reference will be found and we know how to declare the reference inside the Service Component:

Why can the ServiceTracker use  getJndiName(), but the target Filter can’t ?
getJndiName() is a Methode of JDBCPoolComponent, but JndiName isn’t registered as Service Property ! 
Target Filter cannot access methods of implementation – only Service Properties. 
You maybe run into this using 3rdParty bundles where you have to live with their services as-is. If you’re in luck its Open Source, you write a Bugzilla or JIRA and get it fixed in hours 🙂
You can take a look at my blog series about “OSGI Enterprise Applications” – the index is in the column right beside this blog.
There are also some submissions for EclipseCon 2009 – if you want to hear more about: comments are welcome 😉

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