MTC 2016 new Session: Qt for x-platform mobile App Development

There will be another Session by me at Mobile Tech Con in Munich:

2016-03-16, 15:00 – 16:00

Qt for Mobile – native X-Platform Dev live


Qt 5.6 (final release planned next week) provides a Technical Preview of new UI Controls and Styling for mobile applications. Now you can use Material Theme or Universal Theme in a x-platform way. Most UI / Navigation Controls are available – see this Example.

Qt is Open Source and you can use Qt Open Source License (where your own application can be a commercial one) or a commercial License. There will be a new commercial license for Startups and Independent Developers coming soon.

Qt defines UI using QML. If you know JavScript you’ll easy understand QML. Business Logic is done in C++ / Qt.

In my session I’ll go through the process HowTo create a new project, design an APP and deploy to Android and iOS Devices. (Live coding)

Come to my session and see how easy x-platform development can be.

There’s another session about Mobile Security Solutions (2016-03-15, 15:00 – 16:00, Forum 16) at MTC.


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