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sometimes I have the feeling it’s always conference season 😉

one week ago I had much fun to present a workshop at (german) OOP 2011 about ‘Business UI modeldriven‘. this was a real challenge for a one-day-only workshop:

  • I gave an overview about development of Business UI for enterprise apps
  • jonas explained EMF. most from audience never used EMF before – so this was different to sessions at eclipse conferences
  • flo talked about the architecture of redView
  • max demonstrated how to use the  EMFStore
  • and the 2nd part of the day I did live hacking code:
    • developing a RCP app using Riena Toolbox
    • creating a business UI with redView from scratch
    • generating a prototype of business UI from EMF domain model to (redView) views with tabfolders, mockup data and more using red-open (Xpand/Xtend, MWE)

next 2 weeks or so we’ll publish this workshop (250 slides have to be translated in english) and we’ll add some videos so everyone can try it out. of course there will also be the example projects available together with the solutions so you can compare if you did all lessons well.

end of february I’ll have a 2-day workshop about ‘Enterprise goes mobile: Push Services to mobile devices’ covering BlackBerry and Android where I’ll also present my Equinox OSGI Server as the heart of the communication-lifecycle. …will report about this solution later…

march is always the month with my favorite conference: the eclipseCON where I’ll present all news from redView project: Dynamic Views for Business Apps.

but much more important is to meet you all face-to-face.

I’m also working on a BlackBerry Conference App for EclipseCON 2011 – stay tuned… development will start soon

in may I’m speaking at the (german) jax 2011 conference.

last year I moderated the Enterprise Eclipse Day – this year I have the pleasure to be part of two Eclipse Days moderated by Lars Vogel and Kai Tödter.

  • Enterprise to go – mobile business apps and Eclipse RT – as part of the Eclipse Runtime day moderated by Kai Tödter
  • EGit/JGit and Mercurial: DVCS at Eclipse – as part of the Eclipse Tools day moderated by Lars Vogel

in june will follow the Eclipse Democamps celebrating the Indigo Release

unfortunately between all these great events there must be done some work on customer projects 😉

see you all at EclipseCON – and if you’re in the region of Munich:

Eclipse Stammtisch 2011-02-22 in Munich

  • where: Unions Bräu
  • when: 7pm
  • organized by Max and Jonas from EMFStore and me
  • please register here to help us organizing the evening

…you can meet me at the longest Eclipse Stammtisch ever 😉

Unions Bräu is a great brewery … Ralph Müller will also be there 😉


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