10 Years of Eclipse, SuperApps and BBQ (X)

Celebrating 10 Years of Eclipse

9 years ago I started with Eclipse and till today I’m using Eclipse daily:

  • as Java IDE (on OSX for all my Runtime projects, on Windows 7 running inside Parallels VM on top of OSX for all my BlackBerry projects)
  • as platform (for server projects based on Equinox – OSGi, Jetty, …)

current customer projects are mobile and enterprise business applications and I’m also just in the process of developing this years

BlackBerry Conference App

for EclipseCon Europe 2011:

Of course there will also be mobile conference apps for iOS and Android made by Peter Friese and an iPad app by Christian Campo.

meet me at EclipseCon Europe to discuss why I’m still developing business Apps for BlackBerry and why I believe that the platform has a great future.

The BlackBerry Conference App will be a good example to see what kind of applications are already possible with BlackBerry OS now and will even become better with QNX.

BlackBerry OS + BlackBerry Table OS == BBX ?

Next year BlackBerry Smartphones will be based on QNX and rumors say at upcoming DevCon it will be named BBX as a union of BlackBerry OS and BlackBerry Tablet OS.

I’ll report about the BlackBerry developer conference as soon as I’m back from  BlackBerry DevCON 2011 in San Francisco, where I’m speaking about a logging solution for BlackBerry (Session COM-26):

You can also read about this at BlackBerryDEV Blog.

I’ll demonstrate logging from Equinox OSGI Server and BlackBerry Clients, both monitored side-by-side by Lilith LogMonitor:

I’m curious to see what will happen at DevCon 2011 in San Francisco and I’m glad to meet Eduardo Pelegri face-to-face to discuss about Open Source at RIM (…and to drink some beers at Thirsty Bear 😉

Mobile Day at W-JAX

Last conference for this year will be W-JAX in Munich:

I’ll talk about Push Services at Mobile Day.


Hope to meet you at ECE, DevCon or W-JAX. ….and yes, I’ll also attend / demo at some Eclipse DemoCamps this year.

In the meantime Florian is hard working on redVoodo (Vaadin – Equinox/OSGi – WebUI + TouchUI for Business Apps). I’m using redVoodo to admin PushServers and more  stay tuned….

There will also be new releases of redView for Eclipse 3.7 SR1. In the next months some of our Open Source projects will switch from HG to EGit. BitBucket is now supporting hg and Git, so it’s easy to switch under the same hood.

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