DVCS: MercurialEclipse Release 1.7.0 – great release with Updatesite trouble

MercurialEclipse PlugIn Version 1.7.0

This week the long awaited Version 1.7.0 of MercurialEclipse (the Eclipse Team Provider PlugIn for Mercurial) was released.

It is highly recommended to upgrade to this Version – there are noticable performance improvements – esp. if you have multi-project-repositories.

Read more about the release features here: http://www.javaforge.com/project/HGE.

But if you try to update from the usual Updatesite for MercurialEclipse stable releases you’ll get this:

as Andrei Loskutov already blogged: Intland has changed the behaviour of the UpdateSite: now you need to have an Account at JavaForge and have to enter the Password if you want to update.

(Not only) I was wondering why this happened silently without discussions – an UpdateSite of an Open Source (EPL) product like MercurialEclipse shouldn’t require an Account and Password.

But we’re in luck: Andrei provides the release and also snapshots at EclipseLabs, where you can update without password 🙂

this is the Updatesite for MercurialEclipse 1.7.0 without password:


thx Andrei – hopefully Intland will revert this decision.

Mercurial (hg) Version

After installing / upgrading to MercurialEclipse 1.7.0 you have to restart and then perhaps you can get the next error message:

MercurialEclipse 1.7.0 now depends on Mercurial (hg) version 1.6.0 or greater – so if you have 1.4.3 installed you have to update Mercurial too

I have updated my DVCS blog series about Git and Mercurial: https://ekkescorner.wordpress.com/blog-series/git-mercurial/

coming soon: EGit 0.10

in some weeks a new EGit version with many improvements will be available – these are good news for you and bad news for me – I have to rewrite most parts of my DVCS series 😉

DVCS Submission at EclipseCon 2011

you perhaps read my other blog where I blogged about my submissions from domain “Enterprise and Mobile development Using Eclipse“.

There is another Submission from me:

Distributed Version Control Without The CommandLine

I know: the commandline is very powerful and Git also is powerful and there’s nothing you can’t do with this combination.

But for me it’s important that all usual workflows if using a DVCS should be available  from UI of the TeamProvider PlugIns (MercurialEclipse, EGit)

The last year EGit was under heavy development, so you’ll be able to really work from inside Eclipse without the need to switch to the commandline 🙂

This also will make it easier to start with a DVCS.

In my proposed Session I’ll demonstrate how to solve common workflows – esp. in multi-project-repositories.

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