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Its not always easy to find the needed Software Update Sites. To help I’ll collect here some Sites useful for me.

Eclipse Software Sites for Eclipse 3.5 Galileo


  1. Galileo:
    1. Releases: http://download.eclipse.org/releases/galileo (should be automatically installed)
    2. Maintenance builds: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/3.5 (should be automatically installed)
    3. Milestones: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/3.5milestones
    4. EPP Packages http://download.eclipse.org/technology/epp/packages/galileo/
  2. Ed Merks blogs about the Galileo Plus Site: http://download.cloudsmith.com/galileoplus/ (Hibernate for Teneo or CDO included)
  3. SWT Tools: http://www.eclipse.org/swt/updates/3.5
  4. PDE Graph Visualization: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/pde/incubator/visualization/site (more Info here)
  5. AJDT: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/ajdt/35/dev/update (AspectJ Development Tools)
  6. Mylyn
    1. Weekly: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/mylyn/update/weekly/e3.4 (see also here)
    2. Weekly Extras: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/mylyn/update/weekly/extras
    3. Weekly Incubator: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/mylyn/update/weekly/incubator
  7. Riena (Eclipse Runtime Project)
    1. Release 1.1.0: http://download.eclipse.org/rt/riena/ (part of Galileo train)
    2. Milestone 1.2.M1 : http://download.eclipse.org/rt/riena/1.2.0.M1/update/

openArchitectureWare (oAW) Sites (after moving most of oAW under Eclipse umbrella)

oaw-logo xtext-logo-color-300

  1. Xtext (from Eclipse Textual Modeling Framework TMF)
    1. releases: http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/tmf/updates/
    2. nightly builds: http://download.itemis.com/updates/nightly
  2. Setup Xtext Target Platform for developers: http://www.eclipse.org/Xtext/developers/workspaceSetup.php
  3. MWE (Modeling Workflow from Eclipse Modeling Framework technology EMFT)
    1. releases: http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/emft/updates/releases/
    2. nightly builds: http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/emft/mwe/updates/nightly/
  4. Xpand (thru Eclipse Model-to-Text M2T. Xpand includes Xtend and Check from oAW)
    1. releases: http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/m2t/updates/releases/
    2. nightly builds: http://download.eclipse.org/modeling/m2t/xpand/updates/nightly/

remark: perhaps also needed: http://code.google.com/p/hybridlabs-beautifier/downloads/list (no updatesite, only download) or latest snapshot here.

3rd Party Software Sites:

  1. SWTDesigner 7.1: http://download.instantiations.com/D2RCP/continuous/latest/update/E-3.5/
  2. JarPlug: http://www.simontuffs.com/jar-plug
  3. JAutoDoc: http://jautodoc.sourceforge.net/update/
  4. Log4E: http://log4e.jayefem.de/update/site.xml
  5. Quantum: http://quantum.sourceforge.net/update-site/
  6. RegEx Tester: http://brosinski.com/regex/update
  7. Neil’s Bundle Monitor: http://bundlemonitor-updates.s3.amazonaws.com/ (Monitor OSGI Bundles, Services, Configurations)
  8. Google Guava as OSGI hosted at this site: http://guava-osgi.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/com.google.guava.site/ from Robert Konigsberg
  9. JBoss Tools P2 Updatesites (I use them to get DROOLS, the RulesEngine used in openerpware)
    1. stable (Galileo 3.5.2) JBoss Tools 3.1 :: Eclipse 3.5.2
    2. development (Galileo 3.5.2) JBoss Tools 3.1 :: Eclipse 3.5.2
    3. nightly (Galileo 3.5.2) JBoss Tools 3.1 :: Eclipse 3.5.2
  10. No Update Site found for your 3rdParty ? then try to find a bundle
    1. Eclipse Orbit: http://download.eclipse.org/tools/orbit/downloads/
    2. Springsource Enterprise Bundle Repository: http://www.springsource.com/repository/app/
    3. OSGI Bundle Repository (OBR): http://www.osgi.org/Repository/HomePage
    4. …nowhere found ? use PDE Tooling to wrap Jars into Bundles

Eclipse Software Sites for Eclipse 3.6 (Helios)


  1. Helios:
    1. Maintenance Builds: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/3.6
    2. Milestones: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/3.6milestones
    3. I – Builds: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/3.6-I-builds
    4. “on the bleeding edge”
      1. N-Builds: http://download.eclipse.org/eclipse/updates/3.6-N-builds
      2. Staging: http://download.eclipse.org/releases/staging/
    5. EPP Packages (this year available since M2 🙂 – http://www.eclipse.org/epp/download.php
      1. HowTo get CDO 3.0 into EPP see this blog entry
      2. Download latest EMF I-Build as local P2  All-In-One Update Site
  2. SWT Tools: http://www.eclipse.org/swt/updates/3.6
  3. TM – Target Management Project: http://download.eclipse.org/dsdp/tm/updates/3.2milestones/
  4. EGit
    1. official releases: http://download.eclipse.org/egit/updates
    2. nightly builds: http://download.eclipse.org/egit/updates-nightly

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18 responses

  1. Hi Ekke,
    Wow, that’s great help – cheers for that! It’s really a shame that Eclipse.org doesn’t provide a comprehensive directory of these.
    Do you think there is bug for this? If not, I’m going to raise one.
    Also, I’m not getting those that ‘should be automatically installed’ – the repository list is just empty after install.
    I’m using a Linux ‘shared install’ -can it be an issue with that? Just tried: when installing in user’s home (with write access), I do get those. Seems like the shared install doesn’t get too much testing (even though that should be the normal way on unices).
    Thanks a lot again – Gergo

  2. Hi Gergo,
    I dont know if a bug exists.
    I forgot to mention: the “should be automatically installed” will be triggered if you first time try to add Software – then you’ll get a bunch of sites from Galileo projects (or Helios) – most disabled. Also its a good idea to test the Connection of an Update Site – this also causes P2 to read content from the update site.

    • Ekke,
      I was just trying to ‘Install New Software’ using P2, on a fresh 3.5 install.
      The list of update sites on ‘Available Software Sites’ is empty, so no way to ‘Test Connection’.
      Again, it works if Eclipse is installed in a write-access directory (not the Unix way), so it seems like a bug in shared install support.

  3. how do I use the *.obr / repository.xml files which are linked unde “3rd party… | 9.”?
    Can I use these files directly with the update-manager of eclipse?

    • choose your prefered build of orbit (Stable, ….)
      then you can download all (as zip) or single (as jar)

      the jars can be placed into Dropins folder if you need them into IDE
      or into a folder and used from Target Platform Definition

  4. no – these jars ARE already bundles – thats the work Bundle Repositories are doing for you: analyzing dependencies, adding missing parts to MANIFEST.MF etc

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  6. Not to still bother you with this (which should come out of the box with Eclipse), but will you update this list for Indigo?

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