delete .DS_Store

While you’re exploring Directories of OSX, in these Directories a Systemfile was created by OSX:


This will be invisible to you, because per default OSX doesn’t display Files and Folders starting with “.” (dot).

But its not invisible to Tools and from time to time it happens, that an Eclipse Bundles has problems with this.

Then its best to delete them – this is safe and makes nor problems to OSX.

HowTo delete .DS_Store files ?

  • Open the
  • Set the root Directory from where all .DS_Store should be removed recursively
    • cd /my/directory
    • ENTER
  • Now start the command to delete them starting at your directory
    • find . -name *.DS_Store -type f -exec rm {} \;
    • ENTER

If its a large directory with many files it can take some time.

If you don’t see .DS_store files, but getting problems, then you can configure the Finder to show hidden files.

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