I’m speaking on national and international conferences, below some info on upcoming and previous conferences.

I also provide Workshops, Trainings, Bootcamps for mobile App Development with Qt 5.x Android / iOS / W10.

next Workshops:


Workshops + NightCoding: on-demand, Rosenheim

next conferences and events I’m speaking at:

Qt World Summit 2019, Berlin (2019-11-04 … 06)


Qt World Summit 2016, San Francisco (2016-10-18 … 20)


code.talks Hamburg (2016-09-29 + 30)


Mobile Forum Stuttgart (2016-05-31)

MobileTechCon 2016 in Munich (2016-03-15 …16)

I’m speaking at EclipseCon Europe 2015 in Ludwigsburg:

ECE Friends 100x100 I'm speaking at_0




I’m speaking at MobileTechCon 2015 in Munich:


I’m speaking at MDC Hamburg:



I’m speaking at Developer Conference 2013 Hamburg:



I’m speaking at BlackBerry conference BBJam Asia in HongKong:
I'm Attending BlackBerry Jam Asia 2013


MDC Nürnberg, 2013, 24.-25. Juni

Eclipse Day Beijing, 29th June 2013

MTC 2013, Berlin, 2.-5. Sept

some conferences I speaked last years:

MTC Spring 2013 Munich

BBJam Europe, Amsterdam 2013

MDC 2012 Stuttgart

BBJam Americas, San Jose 2012

MTC 2012 Mainz

MTC 2012 Spring, Munich

MDC 2012 Hamburg

BBDevCon Europe, Amsterdam 2012

M-Days 2011 Frankfurt

W-JAX 2011 München

BBDevCon Americas, 2011, San Francisco

MTC 2011

JAX 2011, Mainz

EclipseCon 2011

OOP 2011, Munich

Eclipse Summit Europe 2010

JAX 2010, Mainz

EclipseCon 2010

(Hint:perhaps some URL’s of older conferences aren’t working)