Don’t miss BlackBerry | Enterprise Event

Update: On Thursday, November-13 BlackBerry will host an

Enterprise Day in San Francisco:


You can watch the event live. 09:00 AM PT

BlackBerry will announce some new products and software for Enterprise and Business / Productivity.

But it’s not a typical Product-Launch-Day – you’ll see the whole picture where BlackBerry is positioning the company.

And there’s more:

A true Mobile-First Online-Meeting-APP

A really easy-to-use app for Meetings. Never more fighting with conference-dial-in problems, switching between calendar, browser and mail.

Of course running cross – platform from the beginning.

And the story goes on:

Just BlackBerry Passport was launched – in some weeks the BlackBerry Classic will be the next device to make it easier for users of ‘old’ Bold devices to switch to BlackBerry 10. Where the Passport has a keyboard recognizing Gestures – the Classic has TrackPad plus full QWERTZ plus keys for Menu, Start/Stop Call.

Using touch-enabled keyboards or trackpads will make navigation in apps much easier: never more hide content with your fingers while scrolling.

I will blog about the challenges for developers to support the Trackpad optimal next weeks, so you can prepare your apps.






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