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Here you’ll find my Blog Series around PDE and Target Platform.

Since 2009, June-24 Eclipse 3.5 Galileo is out:


As part of the Galileo Blogathon here are my reviews – I tried to describe some easy-to-follow stories for Newcomers, but hopefully there’ll be also some new things for the experts.

TargetPlatform vs IDE (Eclipse Galileo Review)

  1. whats your Target ? (IDE vs Target Platform)
  2. Install Plug-ins into your IDE (Download, Install SDK, Install Plug-ins)
  3. Manage Plug-ins in Eclipse IDE (add 3rdParty, Update, Uninstall, Revert)
  4. Define a (simple) Target Platform (only one project, only from one location)
  5. Define a (complex) Target Platform (some projects, different locations, 3rdParty)
  6. Manage Bundles (Plug-ins) in Eclipse Target Platform (select /deselect Plug-ins, Reload, Update)
  7. Cool Views to control Bundles (Plug-ins) defining your IDE (Overview, Views -> IDE-Plug-ins vs Target Platform – Plug-ins, IDE Plug-ins – Views in detail)
  8. Cool Views to control Bundles (Plug-ins) defining a Target Platform (Target Platform – Plug-ins – Views in detail)
  9. TroubleShooting (Cycles, Use-Clauses, Duplicates, SourceCode Bundles)
  10. “Pseudo Runtime” – Preview of SWTDesigner from IDE
  11. TargetPlatform – “only” – Plug-ins: inside IDE ? (RAP, Riena, redView, …)
  12. IDE + Target Platform “on the bleeding edge” (Experiences from 3.5 stream)
  13. IDE and Target Platform in Eclipse 3.5 (Summary, Tips, ..)

TargetPlatform vs IDE (the story goes on: Eclipse Helios)

  1. Living on the bleeding edge (HowTo start early with Helios I-Builds, N-Builds, Milestones)

PDE (Eclipse Galileo Review)

  1. PDE Export Plug-ins with Cycles
  2. PDE Export Plug-ins with SourceCode Bundles
  3. PDE Export into self
  4. PDE Automated Management of Dependencies (AMD)
  5. PDE and Declarative Services (DS)
  6. PDE and I18N
  7. Summary

PDE (the story goes on: Eclipse Helios)

  1. My Wishlist (Bugs, Enhancement Requests and more)

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