edit eclipse.ini

Where’s the eclipse.ini under OSX ?

New users of Eclipse under OSX sometimes don’t know how to edit (where to find) the eclipse.ini.

Its easy: Find your Eclipse.app, then do a right-click:

where is eclipse ini

Show Packagecontent and  a folder opens:

eclipse app packagecontent

Now you can open the eclipse.ini using your favorite Texteditor (I like Textmate)

eclipse ini

If you’re using the 64-bit Version of Eclipse under Cocoa you perhaps have to made some changes inthe Info.plist. (more info here)

You’ll find the Info.plist in the same folder as eclipse.ini.

You can open the file also using a Texteditor:

info plist textmate

or a structured view using the Property List Editor from OSX Developer Tools:

info plist property list editor

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