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ekke lives in the south of germany working as an Independent Software Architect and Senior ERP Consultant.
ekke is using Eclipse since version 2.0.
ekke survived many technologies since more then 30 years of development in the domain of business solutions:
starting with Assembler, Cobol, Pascal, 4GL,…  since 2000 working with Java and Domain-Specific-Languages (DSL), since 2012 focused on C++ / Qt / QML / Cascades

ekke is currently working on mobile Business Applications and has experiences with

  • Android 4.0+
  • BlackBerry OS 6+
  • BlackBerry 10 (native apps using Cascades)

Since 2013 ekke’s development is mainly focused on the BlackBerry 10 platform:

  • native BlackBerry 10
    • Cascades
    • C++, Qt
    • QML

more on this: appbus.org

ekke is developing high-quality apps:

  • ekkes apps OpenDataSpace, ekkes Tea Timer, Conference2Go Econ, Conference2Go JAX are certified as “Built For BlackBerry
  • ekke itself is  BlackBerry Certified Builder for Native Application Development


ekke is member of ….

BlackBerry Elite

ekke believes into OpenSource: his work couldn’t be possible without Open Source and great communities around the world. So core parts from last projects will also become Open Source (EPL).

last years ekke worked as ProjectLead on OpenSource projects:

  • redView (Riena EMF Dynamic Views)
  • redVoodo(Vaadin-based WebFramework)
  • enMOcs (Enterprise-Mobile Communication Server) for Pushservices, KML, WKT, …
  • red-open (Software Manufactory)

there are also Open Source Projects like logging4bb (Logging Framework for BlackBerry OS) as GIT repositories at BitBucket and ekkes repositories at Github.

ekke is  Committer at Eclipse Riena

current work on OpenSource projects:

  • OpenDataSpace (native BlackBerry10 Cascades Client for OpenDataSpace Cloud Services)
  • egg-cooking-timer (native BlackBerry10 Cascades – sample project to explain BlackBerry 10 frameworks like InvocationFramework) <– coming soon to github

ekke developed free mobile applications for developer conferences like

more about ekkes mobile apps and mobile development:

ekke is Speaker at national and international conferences:

  • EclipseCon (US and Europe)
  • BlackBerry Live / BBJam (America and Europe)
  • JAX, W-JAX
  • OOP
  • MobileTechCon
  • Mobile Developer Conference
  • M-Days
  • Eclipse Days, Eclipse Democamps

ekke writes articles and series for german magazines like

  • Eclipse Magazin
  • Mobile Technology Magazin
  • MobileDeveloper Magazin
  • Heise Online
  • JAX Center

You need trainings ?

ekke is architect of german Businessapplications, per ex. ERP solution for companies of waste + recycling:

  • Server: OSGI (Equinox), Eclipse Riena, EclipseLink (JPA), BusinessRulesEngine Drools, BIRT Reporting, …
  • Rich Clients: OSGI (Equinox), Eclipse RCP, Eclipse Riena, redView
  • Web Clients: Eclipse Riena + Eclipse RAP + Vaadin-based Webportal
  • Model-Driven: Eclipse Modeling (EMF, MWE, Xtend/Xpand, Xtext)
  • Mobile Clients: BlackBerry native Java Clients + Android 4.0 Java Clients + BlackBerry 10 (Cascades / C++) Tablet- and Smartphone Clients
  • PushServices (BlackBerry, Google, …) and Streaming (WebSockets)
  • Maps and LocationBasedServices (LBS)

the beach of loutro

If there’s some time ;-) ekke likes:

  • travelling as backpacker to the island of crete
  • making photos of nature and kids
  • reading books, listening music…
  • and of course spend time with his wife and kids