Logging in OSGI Enterprise Applications, Part 6

This part of my blog series “Logging in OSGI Enterprise Applications” will talk about openArchitectureWare 
…and logging with SLF4J / LogBack.
The previous blog entries from this series described logging from the Runtime of an OSGI Enterprise Application. The whole Client / Server Project is model-driven based on Eclipse Modeling Project: EMF, UML2 and as engine the generator framework openArchitectureWare. 
The MDSD – aspects of the application will be part of another blog series.
Now we want to take a look at logging with SLF4J / LogBack while working with openArchitectureWare.
openArchitectureWare (oAW) in Target Platforms
If you want to use oAW in a Target Platform with SLF4J / LogBack as Logging Framework together with bridges to Commons Logging and Log4J, you’ll notice some problems: Many of the oAW bundles are using Require – Bundles instead of Import – Packages as dependency to logging bundles.
I opened a Bugzilla, but it seems its too late for 4.3.1.
If you need it now, thanks to PDE its easy: Import Bundles in your Workspace, change Dependencies to Import Package, then export the Bundle als Plug-In again.
openArchitectureWare (oAW) Workflows
There’s an own Launcher for oAW Workflows (Run Configurations | oAW Workflow) – we have to change the Classpath:
Click on User Entries and then Add Projects…
…choose the Logging – Projekts from workspace
…and save changes with Apply.
You have to put the logback.xml (or logback-test.xml) directly under src/ into the project which starts the oAWworkflow. In this xml file we configure the logging from the workflow – doesn’t matter if the logoutput was originally sent to Log4J, Commons-Logging or OSGI LogServices.
To control please start a Workflow with debug=”true” in your logback.xml.
If all is configured right, then the Console will list at first the logback – configuration and then all log – output from the Workflow sent to our configured Appender (Console, Socket, usw)
Blog Series “Logging in OSGI Enterprise Applications“:
Part 1: An overview
Part 6: Logging and openArchitectureWare Workflows
Part 7: … follows (Stay tuned…)
Perhaps some of my older blogs about Logging und OSGI are also interesting:

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