OSGI Enterprise Applications: Monster Bundles from 3rdParty

The (OSGI) world could be so wonderful, all are brave OSGI citizens:
  • one JAR file == one Bundle
  • import-package used for common dependencies
  • (required-bundles if used only in the own namespace)
If you have to develope OSGI Enterprise Business Applications, then in most cases you have to integrate 3rdParty bundles, – projects, -frameworks.
And then it can happen, that a 3rdParty project looks good on the very first view: some bundles, well structured, dependencies make sense, but….. why is this core bundle so big ?
Here you’ll find the answer: „looking into 3rdParty OSGI bundles
Perhaps the Composite Bundles from upcoming OSGI R4.2 (here and here and Richard Halls Session at JAX09) can help to encapsulate such monster bundles ? I’ll try and report….
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