[galileo] Convert MWE Workflow files from oaw4

openArchitectureWare WorkingGroup at Eclipse

openArchitectureWare moved to Eclipse Modeling as part of Galileo release. This blog series reports my experiences to migrate a huge oaw4 project. This is part 7  – you’ll find an overview of this blog series here.

oaw4 means openArchitectureWare 4.3.1oaw5 means MWE (EMFT) + Xpand (M2T) + Xtext (TMF) – more infos at oaw WorkingGroup.

If you followed this blog series then you are well prepared to make the needed changes in your workflow files to use them under oaw5.

Rename workflow file extension into .mwe

At first you should rename all oaw4 workflow files:

  • from *.oaw
  • to *.mwe

You could also use your old .oaw files, but I think it makes things clearer using the new file extension .mwe.

On OSX its easy using NameChanger (Freeware to download here):

  • search all .oaw files using Spotlight
  • drag them to NameChanger
  • rename .oaw –> .mwe


Also don’t forget to Search for .oaw” and Replace with .mwe” inside your workflow files – you’ll typically have those if using cartridges:

<if cond="${useCartridgeEJB}">
		<cartridge file="${cartridge.workflow}/sub/ejb3_workflow.mwe" inheritAll="true"/>

Rename Classes

Many Classes now have another Namespace under oaw5. To find it out you should use STRG-SHIFT-T as described in the previous blog.

Then do an Eclipse Search on the workflow – files (*.mwe) from your workspace ad replace the values.

I have logged my Search / Replace values – for your convienence you can download this file from here.

To control your work do a search for “org.openarchitectureware.” – there should be no Classes left with this namespace.

Now we have migrated our oaw4 workflow files to oaw5. My next blog will explain how to migrate your Xpand(.xpt) and Xtend(.ext) template files.

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